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Closer To You

Closer To You by Out Of The Ashes
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For fans of:Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Stuart Townend
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  1. Closer To You
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On September 22nd Out of the Ashes will be releasing their latest single, Closer To You.

The song is an epic and uplifting tribute to the occasion and wonder of getting older. Like a milestone on our progress through life this song magnificently captures the delight of growing closer to God; through beautiful arrangements and anthemic melodies. The lavish rise and fall of the chorus is simply dripping with hope and positivity. This is a tune that will accompany you like a best friend through your day!

Today, we often hear about younger men and women with self-esteem issues; how they fit into society and the lengths they go to model themselves on the latest celebrity. But not much is said of those in later life and how they too suffer from self-esteem issues.

It maybe that parents suffer from the empty nest syndrome once their children have left home, or questioning “what do we do now we are retired?” In a world that puts so much value on how much we earn and what we achieve achieve it’s no wonder many in later life question what their real purpose is. Did we waste our lives? What do we do now we’re retired? Am I too old for God’s work? I couldn’t possibly do that anymore!

Lead singer of Out Of The Ashes, Penny Lyon, is herself in her 60s; and in her new song ‘Closer To You’ and through her blog (www.pennylyon.com) she explores the joy of knowing that as we grow older we are in fact closer to God, not just time wise but spiritually too.

Already Penny’s articles, music and interviews are making waves in the Christian media: Penny herself appearing as a panellist on many BBC local radio stations, as well as a guest on Premier Christian Radio Drive Time , discussing the issues her songs and blogs have provoked throughout the summer.

Closer To You will be released nationally on Monday September 22nd 2014. Download the track from noisetrade.com/outoftheashes or below.

For fans of:Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Stuart Townend
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