Daytrotter Session - Jul 15, 2013

Jul 15, 2013 2KHz London, England by Owlle
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  1. Disorder
  2. Ticky Ticky
  3. Under Your Sun
Owlle music feels like a compendium to discovering that you've got a lot to learn yet. It feels like music that could accompany someone who's somebody, up and into their penthouse apartment, a room with a view, furnished with all of the best trappings and it would be there where the convulsions come in, where the breakdown occurs and the person comes to terms with the knowledge that things aren't as good as they seem like they might be to everyone looking in from the outside. It mostly means that things are just different than they look from the outside and there's no way to fully understand them unless you're living in the same skin, up there in the quiet and lonely apartment.

Even in seclusion, there are many beasts and demons lurking there in the hallways, animals and rotten thoughts that have access to you at all hours of the day, anywhere you might be. The songs here are examples of when the night flares out at the other end and the feet are tired, but you're in a place that's rather sleepless and there are still hours that can come after you and get you. They can still demand your attention and for you to participate in whatever games they need even numbers for.