Page CXVI | The Autumn Film

For fans of:John Mark McMillan, Indelible Grace, Coldplay
**Check out to download 9 free songs!** After forming The Autumn Film, band members Reid and Latifah Phillips and Dann Stockton were leading worship at churches and could not deny the strong beckoning of the hymns. They decided to develop a parallel band; the same people with a new purpose of making hymns accessible again under the new name, Page CXVI. To celebrate their 7 year anniversary of making music, they're giving away their ENTIRE* discography for the month of March, including original music from The Autumn Film! That's right: 11 Albums, 74 songs, 2 bands. If you think you already have all their music, guess again...Hymns B and C sides is available too! This jubilee is a thank you to all of you who have been with the bands over the years and a good way to catch up on all that they have created. Next month they will announce exciting plans for 2013!