Panic Ensemble

Tel Aviv
For fans of:Tom Waits, Bjork, Goran Bregovic, Arcade Fire, Feist

For the past five years Panic Ensemble has been drawing greater and greater attention in Israel. Blending rock with Jewish, classical and folk elements, Panic invites its audience into a novel and wondrous world of magic and excitement, and the numerous fans are enchanted and moved by the gorgeous and stirring songs. Performing in numerous and varied venues Panic Ensemble appeals to numerous audiences. They have appeared in key rock clubs, dance concerts, as well as numerous festivals such as the Israel Festival, Indie, Musica Nova, Festival of the Desert and others.

Music by Roy Yarkoni and Panic Ensemble to lyrics by Karen Alkalay-Gut Lead Singer - Yael Kraus Mix - Richard Woodcraft, London Mastering - Chris Athens, NY

"...Emotion is given as much, if not more weight than precise musicianship. And in doing so, they’ve made one of the best art-rock-cabaret records you haven’t heard this year." Popmatters