Paul Adams

Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds

Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds by Paul Adams
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For fans of:Vangelis, Leo Kottke, George Winston, Brian Eno, Enya
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  1. As The Sun Rises
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Waking Loons
  4. Stillness of the Day
  5. A Shamans Dream
  6. The Bird Dance
  7. The Far Sky
  8. Water Prayers
  9. No Tears
  10. The Moon and Stars
  11. Night


"Adams creates a wonderous musical offering of native American/World Music that calms and invigorates the spirit!If you want music for quiet times than this is definitely the album for you. There is peace in music and you will find it here. I highly recommend it."NEW AGE REPORTER

"Listening to Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds by Paul Adams is like taking a slow, luxurious trip down a river. Adams peaceful playing of various Native American Flutes is sparse and still... titles such as “Waking Loons,” Stillness of The Day,” and “Water Prayers” - ask nothing more of the listener than to enter a dreamy sound scape that sooths, with almost a sedating quality."MASSAGE MAGAZINE"

Because of my background in Ethnomusicology, I have developed a commanding respect for music of all cultures. I fell in love with the Native American Flute and the incredible tone with which it sings.I wanted to make an album utilizing this instrument for those needing to focus on Peace, meditation, and the growing need we have to be kind to ourselves. Consequently, I focused on this tonal "internal flow" the instrument seems to bring out of me.I approached some of these songs utilizing a slight chordal approach by using instruments in other keys in combination. I also utilized some "half holing" techniques in order to gain the use of variances on its pentatonic scale. I was especially interested in the way the flute sounded using middle eastern scales.Many flutes in many keys were used by makers such as STELLAR, HIGH SPIRITS, RAYMOND REDFEATHER and others. At my web site I try to go further in depth about the makers of the flutes. There are also my other 8 albums as well as poetry, and photos of the guitars and other stringed instruments I build


Paul Adams all flutes and other instruments

For fans of:Vangelis, Leo Kottke, George Winston, Brian Eno, Enya
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