Picardy III

For fans of:Red House Painters, Lou Barlow, Damien Jurado, Josh Garrels
Having walked furiously for about an hour in entirely the wrong direction, through London streets that sat firmly between unpleasant and unwelcoming, I can hardly find words to describe the relief of finally finding Denmark Street just in time to catch The Whiskey Priest play one of several London shows during their 2011 tour. Unassuming, serious looking, immersed in the music, arched over a slightly inadequate drum kit was James Summers (aka Picardy III)... I had assumed James to be a talented drummer, the show proved my assumptions not to be misplaced, but I seriously had no idea he was also Austin’s answer to Dennis Wilson. When Seth Woods (The Whiskey Priest) heard we were releasing James’ next record he put things quite simply in an email to me: "James is one of the most versatile and gifted musicians I've ever played with...” 'Lonely Songs' is commercially released as a download by Rainboot (label) on 1 January 2013. Well done for finding the free version!