James Marton

Ram's Head

Ram's Head by James Marton
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For fans of:Flaming Lips, Ben Folds, Cake
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  1. Ram?s Head
  2. Chicago Funk
  3. Those Shoes
  4. Weather Stud
  5. Catalyst
  6. Integrate Me
  7. Tikibar (1)
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Ram's Head is a mix of recently written and recorded songs.  It also documents the evolution of my songwriting and recording, in a way.  Tracks 1-3 are the first recorded originals of mine, done entirely through the mic on my iPhone. The electric guitar parts are played through an old modeling pedal and amplified through a giveaway blue tooth speaker that was in a gift bag from a convention I attended (high tech stuff!)  

"Ram's Head" relates a little local history, and features background sounds from a hike along Ram's Head Trail while visiting my sister in St. John.  If you've ever made this hike, you'll probably recognize the exact spot along the trail.  

"Chicago Funk" and "Those Shoes" are derived from a recent trip to visit family in Chicago.  My nephew was kind enough to let me record him playing random drum beats.  The resulting songs are inspired by his efforts (and it is his drumming on the tracks).  "Chicago Funk" is more than a song.  Its also an affliction just about anyone who visits Chicago in December brings home, as the lyrics detail.  Incidentally, the lyrics are recorded while still suffering from the symptoms.  To recreate, I'd have to go back and catch the same funk.  "Those Shoes" is mostly autobiographical.  It's the weirdest and least finished, also a personal favorite.  

As I've learned more and graduated to using an iRig for recording, it's tempting to go back and refine these tracks.  But for this album, at least, I will resist.  Here's a summary of later added songs...

Added track on 12/31/2019: "Weather Stud" is a song I wrote several years ago, but never got around to recording until recently.  

Added track on 1/08/2020:  "Catalyst"  We've all resisted new things, places, and activities along the way. And perhaps convinced ourselves otherwise. 

Added track on 1/17/2020:  "Integrate Me", while inspired by personal experience, is more about generally moving on from things that were at one time good for you but will clearly never be again.  Interesting note (at least I think so): The entire song is recorded on the same acoustic guitar.  Leads, rhythmbass tracks.  All but the percussion.

Added track on 1/22/2020: "Tikibar" Why not write a song about one of your favorite hangouts?

Added track on 3/2/2020:  "Magic Time" Great times with family and friends, worth singing about regardless of what brings you together.

Added track on 3/23/2020:  "Swell" Going out of order here, as "P1" still seems like a good track to end the album with.  Just decided one more couldn't hurt.  A different kind of song for me.  If you've ever thought about your breathing too much and wonder if it'll continue involuntarily, I hope this tune helps.   

Added track on 3/19/2020: "P1" An ideal song to wrap up an album.  

I hope you enjoy these songs!


Sean Gurion- Drums on "Chicago Funk" and "Those Shoes", backup vocal on "Those Shoes"

Tami Schnetz- Backup vocal on "Ram's Head"

Kelly Marton- Album art editing

For fans of:Flaming Lips, Ben Folds, Cake
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