Plus 3

For fans of:Gin Blossoms, Dawes, Buffalo Tom, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Lemonheads
Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the rootsy modern-rock band Plus 3 was formed in 2000 and immediately started working on original material. In 2003, the band released the critically-acclaimed "Bad Math," an eclectic mix of radio-ready gems that helped the group gain regional airplay and led to it being voted Northeastern Pennsylvania's "Best Original Band." Critics praised the band's musicianship, songwriting and vocal talents and described "Bad Math" as "a strong collection of straight-ahead roots-rock anchored by a fine sense of melody and crafty lyrics." "Late Nights and Lost Causes," the group's second full-length album garnered radio airplay. The CD - which features the soaring, soulful and uplifting rocker "Get Up," the romantic and thoughtful "Meteors," the Stones-esque "Retrace Your Steps" and the melodic and pop-infected "Nerve" - clearly shows a group that continues to grow as songwriters and musicians.