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The Faces Behind...

The Faces Behind... by YWAM Toowoomba
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For fans of:Music, Hopeful Songs, Inspirational Songs, Jesus, New Sounds
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  1. Stolen Innocence
  2. Another Day
  3. Gen Z
  4. A Cry For Help
  5. Displaced
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"The Faces Behind..." EP depicts the stories of those who suffer at the hands of social injustice. Each song focuses on a specific injustice issue and shares the stories of individuals who are oppressed and taken advantage of. The purpose of this EP is to bring awareness to social injustice which is so prevalent around the world today and also to give a voice to individuals who suffer from this first hand.

Stolen Innocence

There are millions of men, women and children that are trafficked every day all over the globe. Much of it is unseen. Much of it is ignored.

This song is a story about a young girl who was taken out of her home and forced into prostitution. Abused, raped, coerced and tricked. Taken for granted and left alone. This is her story.

My name is Sasha and I lived in Dallas, Texas.. at least I think I did. I don’t remember much anymore… I think I had a good childhood. I loved my mum and my dad. They loved me and they took care of me. I miss them every day.. I wonder if they’re still looking for me?

One day I was playing outside. Mum had told me not to but it was such a pretty night that I didn’t want to be cooped up inside! It wasn’t fair. So I snuck out so I could be under the stars.

That’s when a van drove up really fast and stopped right in front of me. This big man jumped out and before I could scream or run, he grabbed me and threw me into the car and they drove off. They hit me and hurt me and gave me a needle with something in it… southing that I have had every day since then.. I think if they stopped giving it to me I would die.

I don’t know how long has passed, but every day is the same. I’m in a room with a few other girls. We’re all terrified all of the time.. I always feel hungry and thirsty but I know not to ask for food or water… bad things happen when I do that.

Every day the men that took me come into our room and yell at us and hit us. When they do that we have to take off all of our clothes and just stand there in a line… then someone else will come in and look at us and touch us… we try to not cry and make any noise… Sometimes the man will take me or one of my friends into a separate room… I don’t like talking about what happens in there.

I want to run away but I know they would find me. I know they would hurt me.. and I know that if I left, they wouldn’t give me what is in the needles and I would die a slow and more painful death anyways.

I miss my family. I wish they would find me. I wish I still had happiness and excitement… but every day I just live waiting to die so this nightmare can end.

Another Day

This is the story of a young boy who has a few hours to be carefree and play while home alone with his mum. He has his favourite toy truck and his mum is sitting in a rocking chair smiling as she watches him play and be a child. This scene seems tranquil, except for the small detail of a black eye that marks her face. She smiles at her boy, but it is surface and drenched with inner pain. They then look at the clock and a realisation hits them both — dad’s almost home.

Then it happens.

The door bursts open, and the boy’s father comes in in a flurry of drunken anger and flying fists. The first victim is his wife. As the boy watches his dad lay into his mother, he feels conflicted about wanting to run away, wanting to protect, and simultaneously knowing that he is too young and frightened to do either. He watches his mum collapse to the floor. A sight that is no longer new to his young eyes.

He looks up and makes eye contact with his father. He sees a moment of hesitation and remorse in the tired, intoxicated eyes, and just for a second, he knows hope. But that is extinguished as he feels a flash of pain against his little body. The time seems to drag on and the pain grows yet numbs at the same time.

Eventually it ends. The father crumples to the floor, the mother lays unconscious, and the boy sees them both from his corner of the room. Helpless, voiceless and wondering what could happen to make all of this end.

Gen Z

This is a song for the generation of our current time. A deep heart cry for truth and love to be known and understood by those who are so lost in life at such a young age.

A Cry for Help

Every day, millions of people are forced into labour in which they feel, they have no choice about. They work to provide for their families, They work so that their children don’t go hungry. Many who work are children themselves. Some starting in the labour industry as young as 3 years old.

Yet most of these labour based industries thrive off of the western world and our need for the newest fashion at the cheapest prices. “Fast Fashion” is taking over our world and it is destroying the lives of the people whom we will probably never meet or hear about. The people who work extreme hours in life threatening conditions, only to earn the equivalent of a couple of pennies for a days work.

This song is the heart cry for the ones who work in incredibly dangerous environments, who have been forced to grow up too early, and who have lost parents and siblings and family members because of the “accidents” that happen in these places of work that seem more like tombs.


The number of people who have been displaced from their homes have been on the rise as the war’s wage and the hatred and suspicion of humanity continually builds.

Many think that opening up the doors of our country to these people mean that they should be overjoyed and thankful for his new place to live. While, yet, they are provided with safety, they are also living in a world that is completely other than that they have known. Simple acts such as grocery shopping can be paralysing. Going to the doctor seems like too much of a risk.. how can you possible get diagnosed if you can’t speak the language and the people you are trying to communicate with don’t want to understand you?

While countries should absolutely continue to open up their borders to ensure the safety of others, this song highlights the fact that what these people actually long for is to go home.. if they were given the choice, they would not choose to live in our country with us. They would go home to their families with those they know in a culture that is their own. Let’s not glorify what these people groups go through just because of a simple act of kindness with allowing them into our country borders.


All songs were written and recorded at YWAM Toowoomba's Studio 514 by the Mercy Campaign. https://ywamtoowoomba.com/ministries/mercy-campaign/

Composition and Piano: Madison Price

Vocals: Tori Bryant, Sadie Thompson, Sierra Lout

Album Art Photo: Madison Price

For fans of:Music, Hopeful Songs, Inspirational Songs, Jesus, New Sounds
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