Rachel Barrentine

#Detour Sampler

#Detour Sampler by Rachel Barrentine
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For fans of:Francesca Battistelli, Mandisa, Laura Story, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson
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  1. Detour
  2. No Matter What

Hi there! My name is Rachel Barrentine and I am a full-time singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN. I love to help people have "aha" moments with God through music, speaking, and writing. I blog and tweet #spiritualnuggets.

This album was birthed out of my own struggle and journey with chronic illness. I call it my "Divine Detour." In the midst of my own illness, my good friend and songwriting mentor discovered she had stage-4 lung cancer a few months ago. We both were enduring IV treatments together - with our outcomes hanging in the balance. I'm still here. She is not. But God is good regardless. I wrote many of these songs to help her through her battle with cancer. But I was also feeding my own soul by embedding truth into my weary body. I pray these songs bless and refresh you. That's my hope. That's why I do what I do.

Did I mention I am a Registered Nurse? Yes I am. But I gave it up because God told me to. He's called me to make music, to be a spiritual nurse of sorts. So I quit my job in a busy hospital to pursue this calling. Somehow, I hope this reaches down into your spirit and sparks a change. That these truths seep deep into your heart and transform you from the inside out.

Thanks for listening. May you embrace the detours God brings along your path.

To hear the full-length record, check out my website or head on over to iTunes.

Be blessed.


Rachel B.

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Lyrics to Detour:

DETOUR (Rachel Barrentine, Julie Keltonic)


I would have never picked, for things to go like this

I've looked around and said I want a different story

These unexpected turns have left me insecure

But I trust Your promise that You'll use 'em for Your glory

Whoa, whoa

It's okay if I don't have a clue

Whoa, whoa

'Cuz You've got a different point of view...


You are leading the way

You never make a mistake

Your grace, It makes my steps sure

Hold my hand on this road,

Wherever You wanna go, I'll go

I know, this is Your detour

This is Your detour


You've never steered me wrong, You've never dropped the ball

Your mercy's all I need to get me through the miles

Sometimes You're all about taking the scenic route

I'm learning to let go and hang on for the ride

Whoa, whoa,

Oh I've never been here before

Whoa, whoa,

But I know You've got good things in store...



Every off-the-beaten path Has led me to You

When I look back on my past I see the proof

I can trust You with my future

You're gonna see me through

You always do...


Produced by Justin Morgan at Pearlsnap Studios, Nashville, TN.

Detour written by Rachel Barrentine & Julie Keltonic.

No Matter What written by Rachel Barrentine.

Says I Am (video) written by Rachel Barrentine, Scott MacIntyre, & Aaron Steenhoven.

For fans of:Francesca Battistelli, Mandisa, Laura Story, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson
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