For fans of:Lewis Carroll, Rick Barker, Lynne McTaggart

Hi, I'm Rada!

The truth is, I am not much of a talker…but when it comes to art and life in New York, this can change. I haven’t been making music since I was two. In fact, I started later in life. I was wondering if it was possible for someone like me, a person with no music education who didn’t play an instrument and didn’t know any musicians, to make music. “Anonymous In New York” as heard on Canada’s #1 Hit Music Station is my first single (yes, it's an original song, and I wrote it.)

In addition to the song, I am sharing with you the story of how I got to make it in 21 soundbites (audio files) you will receive with your download. Each is about five minutes long. These are not edited recordings, so you get the real me, occasional mistakes and everything! You will experience the creative process step-by-step as I did as I was discovering the magical world of music-making. You’ll learn how I found the musicians to work with from the moment I decided I want to make music, how we played gigs even when half of our band didn’t show up, how a Juilliard graduate introduced me to a music producer, and how I got to learn what real songwriting meant!