For fans of:Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, T.I., Lenny Kravits, Dr Dre

Born Dalton Ford, Repatalleon started music at a very young age. Not referring to a career in the music industry neither. In 3rd grade he started singing in a school choir. He also started playing in the school band Always having soul of course he learned how to play the Saxophone. "I've always been fascinated by music. I remember watching my grandpa on PBS with his bluegrass band. Musics been in my family and ill be the one to make it live again." Before all this came about though he was a young kid having to see things no kid should have. His father went to prison him his mom and baby sister became homeless bouncing from couch to couch. Then they met his self proclaimed brother which they opened their doors to them. At the age of about 10 his brother left some beats lay around. "The cd started playing I figured it was my brothers music. It was just beats though and I just started freestyling and had fun doing it never thought it would become my profession." Starting out first doing a christian single, he quickly grew away from that after even more tragedy struck their family. Thus Repatalleon was born. Its more of an alter-ego another me where I can escape reality. Started gang banging and selling drugs at about the age of 13 and without music would not have been able to leave that life behind. "I remember seeing a psychiatrist/social worker when I was young they gave me an evaluation and I remember them telling my mom;" "Theres a thin line between a genius and an Al Capone, You need to keep him as a genius." These words puzzled me so when I Found music it became clear I will ride that thin line. AND BE THE BEST! Ive never really wanted to talk about things I've done and seen until recently from the feedback I got when i finally showed who I really was. So it's 2015 be ready for "Built Ford Tough" Spring of 2015!