Residual Kid

Daytrotter Session - Apr 18, 2014

Apr 18, 2014 Futureappletree Rock Island, IL by Residual Kid
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Names
  3. Fabulous
  4. Glue
The greatest foe that every kid has is the heavy hand of boredom that seems to weigh on them every waking hour, eliciting the groans and the almost making poor posture an inevitability since one of the best ways to fight boredom is to deal some right back at it. It's a fighting fire with fire predicament and so adolescent boys slump themselves down onto couches and chairs and they devour copious amounts of television and all the movies they can get their hands on. They grow blisters from video game controllers. They ruin their eyes with the constantly glowing gray of screens. The three young, Texas lads in Residual Kid are not immune to the potentially fatal crush of boredom and you can see it in the aloofness in their lazy bones, in their stringy hair, in their busy bodies and in the songs that they right. Lyrically, they give us something of a stream of consciousness that takes us into the very essence of what brought them to this moment -- stultifying boredom. They had to do something to keep from bouncing off the walls and mom and dad probably found that a guitar or a pair of sticks and some things to hit did the trick. With that being said, they've taken their boredom and they've channeled it into these brilliant and loud rock and roll songs that will blow your hair back. The songs feel like they originally come from a place where it wouldn't be uncommon to be covered in Doritos crumbs and to have a crick in your next from sedentary living. But how that's dealt with is entirely different as drummer Ben Redman guitarist and vocalist Deven Ivy and bassist Max Redman smash out some wonderfully tuneful slices of opposition. They take on name-callers and long days and deliver raw and frantic antidotes. We hear echoes of Radish in these songs and it becomes clear that you never have to teach a kid music like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. made and make. They'll get their eventually, if they're feeling the same nagging desperation that makes them either want to start some trouble or skateboard all day.