For fans of:DMX, Petidee, T-Bone, Tech N9ne, Stillwell

I started writing songs in the early 90s, and began putting music to them in 96. In the latter part of 96, I got the brilliant idea to purchase a computer program that allowed the user to mix music loops and record vocals. This opened LOTS of possibilities to me, and I began to go at my music with more energy. My thoughts at the time were, of course, that I could really make it!

In 2001, I began to understand more about myself, which led to the writing of some much deeper and introspective songs and poems. I discovered that inside I had always known wrong from right, regardless of any justification. 2006 YHWH decided that was enough moping from me and hit me over the head with inspiration. For the first time in years, I felt alive. Beyond that even, because the inspiration hadn't come from my own study and conclusions, but from on high.

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