Messages by RETS
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For fans of:DMX, Petidee, T-Bone, Tech N9ne, Stillwell
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  1. Raging.mp3
  2. Seek Help.mp3
  3. Worshiping.mp3
  4. Come Armed Intro.mp3
  5. Come Armed.mp3
  6. Insomnia.mp3
  7. From Churched.mp3
  8. The Way I Walk.mp3
  9. Swagger Like A Villain.mp3
  10. Warfare Interlude.mp3
  11. This Is War!.mp3
  12. Turnin' Pages.mp3
  13. Suicide Prevention.mp3
  14. Chasing the Mourning.mp3
  15. Pharisee.mp3
  16. Lightbringers.mp3
  17. Weapons Interlude.mp3
  18. Gettin' My Gun.mp3
  19. Who Will Die.mp3
  20. Beautiful World.mp3
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"Messages" is exactly that- Messages to the Christian Church; to former loves; to unborn children; and to the government of the United States. "Messages" encompasses a great deal to bring the final, total message into focus: God is the end-all, be-all, and He is in control. Musically, this mixtape spans several different sounds, from chill-out to hardcore influenced tracks, as well as several excellent creations by producers such as Don Demenace, I Am Seven, MC the Producer, and Midwest Noise Productions, to name just a few. The tracks range from the heart-felt and introspective "Chasing the Mourning," which thinks back on an unnamed love; to the politically charged "Gettin' My Gun," which addresses gun control and the misinformation so abundant. There is also the slightly eerie "Insomnia," which addresses those who suffer from various sleep deprivation disorders; the witty and intelligent "Come Armed," which uses a battle rap style to illustrate spiritual warfare; and the thought-provoking and haunting "Beautiful World," which is no less than a message from God to the Church in general. You owe it to yourself to get this 20 track album... After all- The price could not be better!
For fans of:DMX, Petidee, T-Bone, Tech N9ne, Stillwell
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