Rik Doulos

For fans of:Lecrae, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo

NY, NY--SERIOUS PPL MUSIC is happy to announce that Christian artist, Rik Doulos, has joined our family. Doulos has shown that he has a heart for God and his people in many ways. SPM executives first encountered Doulos at a Rock Cafe event in Brooklyn, where he humbly observed and supported others in ministry. He exhibited the right attitude as someone who follows Christ.

Born in Harlem, Rik Doulos started out in a single parent home and eventually lived with his Grandparents where he received his spiritual foundation. In spite of encouragement from his Grandparents to go to church and serve God in his youth, Doulos eventually encountered and ran with gangs/crews in the streets of New York and had exposure to the dark world that the streets of New York has to offer. However, God used a young lady (who is his Wife today) as an instrument to help him surrender his life to Christ.

Based on Rik Doulos' personal journey, he understands that he has a mission to accomplish, which is to touch as many people as possible with The Gospel through the music. Christopher James, CEO of SPM understands first hand how much evangelizing the gospel means to Doulos. "A SAAB Tour stop was scheduled to be held at Lifezone in Queens and Rik Doulos was scheduled to minister. Leading up to the day of the event, Rik's Grandfather passed away, and I expected him to miss the event. He STILL showed up to minister, which showed me that this brother is soulded out for The Gospel." Rik Doulos has blessed the CHH community with songs such as "No Words" and "Soldier Anthemn" and also released a project entitled "H.I.M" in 2012. SPM is beyond excited to have Rik Doulos aboard, and we would like to present to the world Rik's first single release "EvoL". We know that this track will bless the masses in ministry and quality. Stay tuned for announcements concerning the release of his first project release from the camp.