Rod Purpose

For fans of:Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jon Bellion, Andy Mineo

Rod Purpose, formerly known as Purpose, grew up in Toronto; a city whose cultural tapestry is as vast as his artistic diversity. Out of curiosity alone, he explored mediums such as theatre, film, and composition. Music, however, grew close to Rod’s heart. It was, and still remains, the outlet through which he deciphers what he sees, what he feels, and what he believes.

At the age of nine, Rod began writing music. He went through various phases as he grew. As he started to realize his potential and purpose, his desire to fit in and be like everyone faded. This led him to find a sound that is authentically his own. With a versatile flow and robust taste in music, Rod Purpose blends different genres and ideas to create music that is meaningful; music that speaks to those who need to know they matter.

Rod Purpose is on a journey to make it know that every one of us has something to offer. He aims to walk in his purpose and in doing so, encourage someone to find their own.