Royal X

For fans of:Camron, P.Diddy, Hip Hop

No Level Entertainment had the chance to chop it up with upcoming Brooklyn artist Royal X about his personal life and upcoming projects. Read below to find out what he had to say.

1. What Inspired me to become an artist was one night i was invited to a to party and i saw camron perform and that motivated me to become an artist just like him

2. My Biggest Inspiration is Notorious B.I.G his style the way he made so much people around him happy the way he represented his city really inspire me to be that type of artist

3. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York

4. My Biggest fear coming into the music industry is making bad investments promotion is very expensive and theres alot of people in the industry thats likes to scam and hurt new artist

5. If there was one person i could shadow in the industry is P Diddy i met him before at an event and he brings a very serious positive environment hes very confident and knows what he needs to do and where he needs to go in his career and i would love to be around a veteran that also made my favorite artist famous Notorious B.I.G.

6. The Music Industry is lacking versatility every one just wants to do a specific type of music instead of creating their own sound and style.

7. My latest single Dj Turn It Up is a special turn up track representing all of the djs in the world and everyone that goes out evey night to party and enjoy life.

8. My Next Up coming Project is called Work it. Work it is a Stripp Club anthem thats litt!

9. I would like to market worldwide because my music targets all demographics but i really like the down south industry atlanta would be a city i would like to target.

10. My Inspiration for dj turn it up was i wanted to make an anthem that represents all the djs in the world. A Dj is so important for all artist and i wanted to make a track giving them props.

11. My stage name Royal X means that my style and music is royalty the high life and X comes from exquizit my old stage name instead of Royal Exquizit i just use the X so i call my self Royal X .

12. Yes i am currently doing shows in newyork every week and as soon as i have a wide variety of singles i will start my touring.

13. My music is royalty it represents the high life and my style also represents new york high life and having fun.

14. Success to me is a project that only you have control of. the only way that project can be achieved or completed depends on the amount of work and circumstances you are willing to put yourself in.

15. right now i would have to sit down with my manager to figure whats the best opportunity for my career but a major deal is what we are looking for.

16. Yes right now we are following our marketing plan and its working well so far