Sam Lowry

For fans of:(Smog), Sparklehorse, Tom Waits
In 2007 I started working with Scot Gallop on a new album at his brand new Hardlight Studios. It was a stop and start affair as I toured nonstop, and Scot and his studio were quickly becoming in demand. We fit in sessions where we could, often months apart from one another. We drank wine, we made music, we brought in our friends to help. It was a great time and a labor of love, but one that stretched into a year, and then another year and eventually it just fell through the cracks of our lives. Maybe we'll finish it someday, but for now, we hope you enjoy these two songs from that lost album. They feature the fine playing of Sarah Balliet, Michael Bushman, Ben Bussell, Nathaniel Seer, Greg Simpson and Sophia Travis. If you can donate, that's great, if not - still great. We just want to set these songs free. SL