Samuel J Barrows

For fans of:Gregory Alan Isakov, James Taylor, The Avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

Samuel J Barrows started writing music after his family relocated from Upstate New York to Madison, WI during high school. Songwriting seemed the best way for him to express the impact of such a life change. Adding to his repertoire of originals, Sam teamed up with fellow musicians, forming The Todays when he reached college in the Twin Cities. After the band faded, Samuel continued to write moving to Nashville, TN. With selections ranging from touching, imaginative folk songs to heart-breaking ballads to up-beat tunes, some reminiscent of the early skiffle days of The Beatles, Samuel's music has something to offer everyone. His songs have a special identity and reach out to each listener. Paired with an earthy, sincere voice that shares the passion of the heart's cry, Samuel is able to connect with his audience and put them at ease.