Samuel Lavon

For fans of:Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Usher, Mary J Blige, Beyoncè

Samuel Lavon is an up and coming R&B singer. He grew up

in a small town called Statesboro, GA. It has always been his dream to be a singer, unfortunately growing up his parents did not have the money for him to participate in every audition and no major auditions were coming to Statesboro, GA. Samuel Lavon grew up always singing around the house and really had no idea how he was going to make this dream come true considering he was a country boy from the backwoods of Georgia.

Once he became eighteen years old in 2004, He decided to leave home and move to Atlanta in hopes of actually making his dreams come true, needless to say that didn’t work out like he thought. Being in a city where singers, models, actors, and rappers are a dime a dozen, he just became another person lost in a pool of people with the same dreams. After living there for about 4 years, he decided to move back home to Statesboro, GA. He stayed home for about 2 years and then ended up moving to Austin, TX.

When he moved to Austin everything seemed to work itself out, he found McKelley Lajaunski who taught him how to write songs, and he gave him a list of up and coming producers. Samuel Lavon called that whole list and only one person called him back. His name is Kris Keyz, he recorded Samuel Lavon’s first song, “Representative” and he has been recording with him for 6 years now.

Samuel Lavon has be on several mixtapes, performed at several showcases, and has had most of his songs played on numerous radio stations and has been a featured artist with the American Vocal Academy, American Pride Magazine, and ATL web radio. He has been putting in a lot of work to make his dreams come true. Whenever he is asked, “what makes you do this?” His response is “I wanted to be an inspiration to others to let them know the roads can get bumpy and you may even have to breakdown for a little while, but just because you had to stop doesn’t mean you gave up, it means you had to stop and fix what’s broken to keep going again. Breaking down is not giving up. Keep pushing and you will see the result of your hard work in due time.”