SBS Music Label



Snack Bar Sounds Music Label is a Christian urban music label based in Lakeland, Florida. Home of Carlito P., SYD, & DJ OneNine.

Snack Bar Sounds was founded by Mike "Verse" Mills in January 2006 as The Snack Bar Studio. The Snack Bar was a project studio put together to record vocals for La Familia Muzik and various local artists.

In October 2007, Snack Bar Productions was officially founded. Snack Bar Productions specialized in recording, mixing, and beatmaking.

In January 2008 the name Snack Bar Sounds was cemented as the company's brand. Snack Bar Sounds now specializes in all aspects of music including production, beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.

Now starting in April 2013, Snack Bar Sounds is venturing out as a music label. Verse states, "I have dreamed of running a music label since my teenage years, now it is a reality. I am building this label on integrity and respect for the art of music. Snack Bar Sounds is focused on bringing Christian urban music to the world."

Stay tuned for the future of Snack Bar Sounds Music Label, 2015 and beyond.