For fans of:Amanda Palmer, Lana Del Rey, Owl City, Snow Patrol, Mrs. Rage
Alternative folk punk meets the electronic revival meets California vocal virtuosity in the music of ADVENA. Since late June 2012, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Volly Cygnus Advena has been an important figure on the alternative folk punk scene in not only the bay area, but all throughout California. Advena is currently working on a project with the underground artist BVDMOUTH from Newport Beach, California. While many famous DJs like to surround themselves with nearly endless options, that’s not a process that appeals to Gauge Santiago. He’s most comfortable making resolute selections made in the blink of an eye. He makes decisions early on and eliminates bad creative choices right from the get-go, in an effort not to make those choices down the road, because once you're attached you're attached. A handsome creative fellow, he isn't afraid to add spice to his life. NEW EP : IN MY HOUSE EP - SCRTS