For fans of:Hot Water Music, Thrice, Alexisonfire
Shift-D was started in the mid-nineties in Burlington Ontario by Dan Edmunds and Greg Blower. In 2001 lead guitarist Todd Paron was added to the roster, as well as drummer Andrew Dobson. Over the next couple years the band went through yet another line up change with the addition of drummer Nick Smyth and bassist Zander Gut. Finding the right chemistry is the most difficult part for this band. Throughout the years the music has evolved from skate-punk to aggressive, melodic punk rock. The first album entitled Long Cut was released in 1997, and it was around this time that the band became known for their entertaining live shows. About a year later Sellout Skaterock was released. This album struck a chord with the people at Crack Records, prompting them to sign the band. In 2000 from the pages of Chad Muskoka was released on the label. With nationwide distribution, things were looking up. However, after many years of service, Crack Records folded. In 2002 the CD Hoofin or Goofin was released, which quickly caught the attention of Seattle-based 206 records, and was added to the 4 band split Punk Rock Vol. II. The latest release The Illusion of Sight & Sound is the bands renaissance album, as it takes the music in a whole new direction. Over the years the band has played some great shows with acts like Theory Of A Deadman, SNFU, Guttermouth, The Planet Smashers, Bigwig, Flatliners, Toronto Warped Tour just to name a few. 2013 Shift-D has reunited with Nick Smyth and Dan Edmunds on vocals, Todd Paron, Andrew Perrins and Steve Skrtich.