Shivery Shakes

Daytrotter Session - Feb 15, 2013

Feb 15, 2013 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Shivery Shakes
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Temporary Vacations
  3. Stay Young
  4. Wait
  5. So Long
Fighting inevitability never wins, but for something like aging or the absence of it, the fight must still go on. It's always necessary to fight those rapids, to beat back the crashing of waves and just to get the better of having to change into some more rigid and staid version of the young man you used to be. It's a real kick in the pants to look up and suddenly see that you're being phased out. When your days are dwindling, you know it, but even when they're just getting more stressful and you're not able to just fritter them away as you used to be able to do, it's just as disconcerting and you can start to panic.

The Shivery Shakes' lead singer William Glosup sings, "People change as they get older," and he does so with that tinge of sadness, ever so slight. It's a token comment, one that's just taken for granted and still, it's depressing. They change physically and emotionally and different things are expected out of and from those who can no longer use youth as an excuse for anything.

Shivery Shakes songs bounce off the walls. The people in them understand all too well that things are changing for them. Nothing's ever going to be the same and while that's not a difficult concept, it hits everyone differently. These people have gotten to the point in their lives where they can't stand only making minimum wage, but they're also burnt out on having to work so much. Glosup sings on "Temporary Vacations," "Cigarettes and a box of wine/If we put on a record we can have us a good time/I just need some room to breathe/I just want to go on vacation/Even if it has to be brief," as if he's at a breaking point of some sort. Time is an interesting foe in these songs, where there's some pipe dream that there's a way to slow it, to discourage it from steamrolling. Time's not going to give a shit though.