Sigmund Faust

Bancho Stanza

Bancho Stanza by Sigmund Faust
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For fans of:Girls, Interpol, Pinback
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  1. Halcyon Summer Blue
  2. A Verdant Fancy
  3. the immutable transmutation left heavy steps in fresh snow
  4. Hiraeth
  5. Cherry-Haze & Brighter Days
  6. a flight of heart for pensive celebrants
  7. The Bartertown Buzzkills in Sinkhole Stalemate
  8. Black Venom Onikuma
  9. to sentiments burdened in dew - but will you write too?
  10. Undertow Kingdom
  11. Roanoke
  12. the unrelenting sweetness of ash
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written & recorded by Marc Vogler

mixed & mastered by Paige Coley

photography @jetjaguar

For fans of:Girls, Interpol, Pinback
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