Sleepy Turtles

For fans of:Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, CSN&Y, ...Sleepy Turtles
The genesis of Sleepy Turtles is traced to vocalist/guitarist Dylan Higgins’ debut novel, Awakening, Book One of The Emblem & The Lantern, a series-tale vitalized by nighttime stories to his children using an analogy of light treading through darkness. A musical accompaniment was designed to fit in-between the pages of the unknown journey bringing Tim Friesen, Will Parker, Marcus Trail, Mike Vanklaveren, and Higgins together to create songs, simplistic in frame, but broad in context. The Adventure EP became the debut of Sleepy Turtles; a band threaded in the old tradition of folk: humans sharing the human condition. The songs creak with the thaw of an old church pew drawing joy in wandering harmonies and stories that are sewn by hands covered in earth, filling the bones of the songs as ambience backlights the fluttering travels of shared existence. “We hope to portray through the music,” Higgins explains, “that all of us are a part of the same journey.”