Slow Club

Daytrotter Session - Mar 20, 2012

Mar 20, 2012 2KHz London, England by Slow Club
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  1. Nothing Can Stop Us Now
  2. Only If You're Certain
  3. Never Look Back
  4. Gold Mountain
It's about the leap, when we hear Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson of Slow Club sing together. The Sheffield duo writes songs that consistently build upon the precursors that we find ourselves swimming in. They are about the lead up, the anticipation of what's going to be coming next, or what's wanted next. It's about the sting of yearning, about feeling it pulse in your wrists and your temples. It's about feeling like your heart's going to burst, like a tomato against the walls of your chest, splattering in a succinct thud and a mess. Slow Club makes it seem abnormal that there should be any consideration about the leap. It should be a blind jump - one that's repeatable whenever it's needed or whenever the mood strikes, whenever that someone comes near.

Watson and Taylor's voices seem meant for each other, as they chronicle the ways that two people can be with one another when they're overwhelmed. They seem to be intent on letting the breeze take their words and make them spiral together in a stream of lilting sweetness. Much of what they enjoy writing about - in a much less depressing Carpenters way - is about just taking the chance with someone. They sing, "I gave you my time/Any day that you like/Nothing can stop us now," and it doesn't feel like it's anything close to a sure thing yet, but more wishful thinking. There are a thousand different things that could and likely will stop them, but the skies are mostly blue for the time being and hope is springing mostly eternal.

"Gold Mountain" is a song that's about getting over one's own hang-ups and not waiting any longer. It's acting on the inkling and the urge that's there and is felt nuzzling. They sing, "Hold on/For God's sake/But not that tight til you doubt/Cause they have found when life is pouring out/You are the only one, the only one/Who counts/No one really is a mystery/We all get found out/Don't be scared to say you miss me/Come on let it out." It's a dare to stop thinking and just step off the cliff - no promises.