Daytrotter Session - Oct 30, 2013

Oct 30, 2013 Good Danny's Austin, TX by Smallpools
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Over And Over
  3. Dreaming
"Over And Over" starts off with the setting of a sterile company event, one that you picture from the movies, where the planner is frazzled, trying to keep everything together, in the face of many situation normals, all fucked up. They're dealing with incompetency, long hours and little satisfaction. She's approached by an attendee of said party and though he should probably just be treated with a cold shoulder and a kiss-off, he catches her at a vulnerable time and admits that she'd love to get as far away from the margarita tent she was commissioned to oversee, saying, "Man, I'm spent." She's counting down the minutes until she's off the clock. She just wants to cut loose and be herself after all this yes-ing and pleasing she's had to do to make her rent.

This one guy and the guys in Los Angeles band Smallpools seem like the company that this lady should keep if she wants to get that crazy night into her agenda. It could mean a lot of devil-may-care amount of drinking, some skinny-dipping, some karaoke, some surprisingly deep, deep conversation and adherence to the "little wooden sign that said brace yourself," hanging somewhere, foreshadowing the wonderful unexpectedness of free-form living.