Daytrotter Session - Mar 22, 2013

Mar 22, 2013 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Snowmine
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. The Hill
  3. Columbus
  4. Further Along Farther Away
  5. Curfews
We quote here a bulk of the lyrics to Snowmine's dreamlike dirge, "The Hill." It's a song that plays within you, that gets in and bangs on all the doors, that awakens many sleeping emotions, as if they're sloughing off, as if they've just not been active enough. Without ever really saying it, these men from Brooklyn tell us that we're fools if we just lose track of time, if we just lose sight of all the possibilities, of the wildness that we inherit upon our birthday.

"I was sitting in the grass
When my leg it melted off.
It sank into the dirt,
But that's okay, cuz I did not need it anyway.
Whoever wants can it eat it for a tasty snack!
I think I ate pretty healthily before the time that i died.
And whoever wants can tell us that we can't come back.
But we will time and time again, to this hill.
I took the clouds for granted
That they'd always be above.
A quilt below the heavens,
An ivory oven glove.
I never missed the trees
And the folks that live in there
I never knew this hill could be the a monster ride that we'd share.
A monster who'd I'd like to know
A friend to ride on home
He could tell us not to be afraid
Cuz we just would waste our time.
And whoever wants can tell us that we can't come back!
And whoever wants can tell us that we can't do that,
But we will."