Daytrotter Session - Mar 16, 2012

Mar 16, 2012 Big Orange Studios Austin, TX by SPEAK
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Carrie
  3. You Know As Well As I
  4. Stand By Us
  5. Be Reasonable, Diane
It's great when deception can sound fashionable, like a great new pair of shoes that you spent way too much on, but damn if they don't look completely dope. It's great when you're willing to buy expensive shoes, or even shoes that don't feel the absolute best to wear, only because they look so sweet. It's incredible how many times people treat the women or men that they are involved with the way that they treat shoes. One should just be willing to get a different pair, if the ones they have aren't working out. Or, one should be unwilling to pay through the nose for a pair of shoes that they can't afford.

When you think about relationships, too many folks paint themselves into too many corners that they don't need to be painted into. They stick with someone that's giving them high blood pressure or making them want to punch a hundred holes into the walls with their fists. They stick with people who treat them poorly, rub them the wrong way or are unfaithful, just because they look good on their arm, or they think they need that person. There are a few girls in the songs of Austin electronic pop band, SPEAK, who fit the bill of the pair of shoes that you shouldn't want, the kind that you should do everything in your power to walk away from.

Lead singer Troupe Gammage grouses about this Diane and this Carrie that he's willing to tell us a bunch about. They sound like they're extremely difficult to live with, or even just be around. They've been known to lie a bunch. They've been known to be tough to love. He's been trying so hard to make it work out. But through it all, the synths and the odd sunshine that he puts into his words and the band's delivery, you sense that he's sticking with these ladies. He might distrust them, but he still likes them. He'll put up with the pains in the ass. He sings, "Today, I need a holiday." The point he's trying to make is that he needs to get away from the broad, but the way he says it, and with the air of the tropics kissing it, we tend to think that once he considers it a little more, he's going to buy the lady a plane ticket, they're going to both throw on big sunglasses and they're going to jet off somewhere together, hand-in-hand. It's the kind of wormhole of a relationship that he's gotten himself into. It's the one that makes him want to stab himself and forget about any of the transgressions and just let things get minty again.