Star Slinger

Daytrotter Session - Jan 19, 2012

Jan 19, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Star Slinger
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. The Daytrotter Set
Star Slinger brings us into conversations that been running for some time. We step into a room where our antennas are able to pick up the signals from every conversation that's happening at the time, however softly or boisterously. We are treated to extra-sensory perception for as long as he's playing, splicing together sounds and sneaking in references and moods. The Manchester, United Kingdom-based hip-hop producer, Darren Williams, strings together a blast of diversions that make us feel the way we feel when we finally lose our minds, when we get to senility and still feel carefree and child-like. Too often, when we're younger, we can't make the most of our agility and the bodies we have in their primes, self-consciously going through the motions, secretly enjoying our horrible dance moves in the privacy of our own rooms, but never, ever letting them out of their cages for anyone else to spy them. It's just a whole bunch of primetime wasting, but we're off-track now, betting that we'll exist the way we are now as senior citizens. It sure would be better to lose our minds sooner, as long as we know where to look to get them back at the ends of those nights we do so, just so we can make it through the workweeks that we despise so.

The set that Williams played for us here is piping hot and is the point where illusions creep in. It makes you think that you'd like to dig out that Shawn Kemp Seattle Supersonics jersey back from when you were a wee high schooler. It makes you want to hit the courts, even while knowing that you've lost the jump shot you once thought you had, the one that should have gotten you more playing time than you ever received from that asshole of a coach. It makes you think that you wouldn't mind looking into the legality of trying to find a place that would sell you a bear cub. You'd like to raise it up to full-grown size and have him for the dopest pillow to rest against while you watched old episodes of "Deadwood." It makes you remember incorrectly, believing that you once did have more of a sack than you really did. You talked to those hot girls in your grade and they thought you were alright. It just didn't work out for the two of you at the time because - as luck would have it - she was already in one of those binding and committed high school relationships.

Star Slinger whips you into this frenzy where you're just able to let it all hang loose and suddenly, by the grace of his collages, you're able to feel great about yourself and everything that you've become, even if that's nothing. You're going to get off your ass and you're going to move it. You're going to embrace the illusions and have yourself one of those kick butt times that you've been trying to have for years now.