Stell & Snuggs

For fans of:Forro in the Dark, Santana, Hank Williams

“It has meant a strengthening of our souls...and replacing substance with sustenance.”

One sentence printed in the New York Times has revealed a new dimension into the lives of a husband/wife band’s reason for being. Coincidence and serendipity are the two words that explain Stell & Snuggs since its inception. How music can ease the soul and transport us- this sums up the reflective process the two wrapped themselves in as they traded in their separate music careers, and boldly joined, moving on a sailboat and taking their music to oceans and islands. Jubilant, happy, promising, and building music that paints their portrait, sharing a love of freedom, dreaming up sounds they could not produce on their own. Stell & Snuggs are Christel Astin (flute,uke,vocals) and Jarad Astin (accordion, stompbox, vocals). This once Brooklyn, NY duo are packed with immediate fun moments, their seasoned musicianship is incredible especially considering the variety of instruments implemented. Their July 2015 release, Vela guides you through an enticing journey of highs and lows, vocals and instrumentals that bind together, and enclose musical elements of Colombian Cumbia, Gypsy, Country, and Brazilian Choro. While sitting one night at one of their performances, one listener wrote to them in a fan email, “Thank you for the beautiful music that you brought to us all last night, you were both absolutely enchanting.” And Rob Wasserman of the Colorado Daily said this of flutist, Christel Astin, “Her runs and articulations are speedy, but nonetheless possessed of a plaintive soulfulness and verve that reminds the listener of an ecstatic nightingale.” Their mode of touring transport, a 43 ft C&C Landfall sloop has given them the opportunity of perform in a wide variety of venues, from the creme-de-la-creme to their favorite local hangouts. Here’s a short list of some of their clients:

Coconut World Cup SUP Festival (ST.CROIX)Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta (ANTIGUA)West Indies Regatta (ST.BARTHS)Caribbean Arts Festival (BVIs)Saint Croix Jump Up Festival (ST.CROIX)The Blue Note (NYC)Denver People's Music Festival (CO)Webster Hall (NYC)Kupferberg Center of the Arts (NYC)NYC Parks Dept “Music in the Park” Summer seriesThe Marlo Thomas Show (NYC)Huntington Summer Festival (NY)the Bluebird Theater (CO)Two Boots of Brooklyn (NYC)In addition to these venues, they are part owners and producers for CueBro Audio Productions, and have produced music for film in a variety of settings. Their client list includes Corona and San Miguel beers, Channel One Productions, Neutralizer Shoes, the film “Unlimited,” and many more. It’s exemplar, and escalating. This is the aim of Stell &Snuggs, sailing with little impact, toting their music from port to port around the world, with a tune to share.