Susan Hawthorne

Deep, Warm Light

Deep, Warm Light by Susan Hawthorne
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For fans of:Celtic Woman, Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Kenny G, Andrew Lloyd Weber
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  1. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Deep-Warm-Light
  2. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Maria-Walks-Amid-the-Thorn
  3. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Eggnog-On-Your-Mustache-FNL
  4. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Embraced
  5. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-AngelsWeHaveHeardOnHigh
  6. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-The-Butterfly-A-Fig-For-A-Kiss-Bring-A-Torch
  7. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Wake-Awake-WACHET-AUF
  8. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-It-Came-Upon-A-Midnight-Clear
  9. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Coventry-Carol
  10. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT--hawthorne-Down-Came-an-Angel
  11. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Tenpenny-Bit-Hark-the-Herald-Angles-Sing
  12. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-CHESTERTON-Gloria-In-Profundis
  13. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Bitter-Winters-Nah-Awa-Huron-Carol-FNL
  14. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Lo-How-A-Rose
  15. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Silent-Night
  16. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-The-Bells-Of-Christmas
  17. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-hawthorne-Dreidle-Song
  18. DEEP-WARM-LIGHT-MANLEY-HOPKINS-hawthorne-Moonless-Darkness-Stands-Between

A soothing musical celebration of Christ's birth and God's work in the world. Instruments include alto and soprano saxophone, flute, piano, psaltery, bagpipes, guitar, low tin whistle, high penny whistle, bodhran, drums and small percussion. Classical,Jazz and Celtic flavors are combined in this variety CD. GK Chesteron's Gloria in Profundis and Gerard Manley Hopkins' Moonless Darkness Stands Between come to life in original settings of these poetry masterpieces. Susan's classical training lend a polish and clarity to her vocals. All is offered with thanksgiving for what Christ has done for us.


Thanks to E. Fregoso, who helped with vocals on Dreidle Song!

For fans of:Celtic Woman, Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Kenny G, Andrew Lloyd Weber
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