Taiwo Heard

For fans of:Arcade Fire, The Preatures, Flaming lips, The Black Keys, David Bowie

Indie rock artist Taiwo Heard has always been at home in many different musical worlds. His rock foundations were built on the ashes of grunge, but since falling in love with electronic music while attending Berklee College of Music his sound has evolved into a quirky and fun musical melange- heartfelt, song-driven, and unapologetically indie.

While the influences of electronic pioneers such as Brian Eno, Little Dragon, and Jai Paul permeate his sound, Taiwo's love of all things rock can be glimpsed right below the surface. From fantastical, bowie-esque melodies to haunting vocals reminiscent of Edward Sharp, he has melded his many influences into an electro indie sound that has been described as "a burgeoning wind through the lungs of a newborn solar system."

Taiwo was born in Washington DC to a musical family. He first began playing classical piano at age 6 after listening in on his brother's lessons. By high school, he had developed a love for rock music- Naturally, he gravitated towards the guitar. Eventually, his journey would lead him to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There he developed a deep passion for music synthesis, ultimately declaring it as a major. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and released his debut full-length solo album Frontier to Eternity in 2013.

Taiwo's upcoming 4-song EP promises to be a celebration of indie rock, dance music, and vintage synthesis. With a video and other exciting projects in the works, fans can look forward to more great music and fun new visual media in the upcoming months.