Fundamental Things

Fundamental Things by Talkie
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For fans of:Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin
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  1. As Time Goes By
  2. Fuzzy Disco
  3. Marcy
  4. Sorry, Shy
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Ready
  7. Another
  8. How's the Weather?
  9. Headfone, Pt 1
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Ever heard of Maroon 5? Adam Levine’s makeup artist once did Chris’ makeup for a show. Mind you, this was a long time ago -back in his old band, Varsity Heroes. You’ve never heard of Varsity Heroes? Dang. Well, they were a pretty big deal. The guitar player’s kid brother once met Nick Wheeler of All-American Rejects outside of the Campbell Gaslighter. I think he was in a band called Jesus Abs, or something like that. Good band. Kid could play, that’s for sure. Flash forward a few years. Chris -the guy who had his makeup done by Maroon 5- now plays for this band called Talkie...from Fremont, I think -about 30 miles outside of San Francisco. I'm pretty sure they once played on the same stage that the Grateful Dead played on. They put out an album called "Hablas" a few years back. It’s not for everyone. I enjoyed it though. I hear they’ve been working on a new record. Not sure why that matters. Nobody listens to records anymore. Nobody listens to anything anymore. Well, except for me. Whatever.


Released April 27, 2018

All songs written by Talkie, except "As Time Goes By" written by Herman Hupfeld (courtesy of Warner Bros Music, a division of Warner Bros Inc. Represented by Harry Fox Agency.) All songs arranged by Talkie.

Produced & Mixed by Talkie at Headfone Audio in San Martin, CA. Mastered by Jerry Ososkie at J31 Studios in San Jose, CA.

Additional Instrumentation by Tyler Groch, Corey Martin, Jaime Hagmann & Kyle Thompson.

Martin Eric (BMI), Isaacs Christopher (BMI), Hagmann Bradley Phillip (BMI), Hagmann Matthew (BMI)

Copyright 2018. | @talkiemusic

Album Photography: BobbyD&Boyclothes Creative Imaging | license all rights reserved

For fans of:Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin
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