Miracles by Tanya Dallas-Lewis
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For fans of:Yolanda Adams, Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, Mandisa, Mary, Mary
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So many levels are represented on this CD from contemporary to praise to worship. This CD makes you tap your foot, clap your hands, raise your arms and praise God. Tanya Dallas Lewis is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a vision. Her multi dimensional style employs a combination of old school, grass roots gospel vocals (using little studio effects, she can really sing weather live or in the studio) and a new school delivery and vision. On songs like “Intimate With You” which is a song about having a personal relationship with GOD. Lewis’s vocals flow over the melodic composition so smoothly, they seem intertwined perfectly. The vocals are powerful and convincing, but yet smooth. On other songs like “Faults” which is a song about the reality of being human and having faults but being lifted up by GOD while going through the pitfalls of life. This song is upbeat and fun. When the song starts there’s an infectious piano riff accompanied by a drum kick that’ll force you to either clap your hands or nod your head to the rhythm. Tanya uses her vocal abilities to easily maneuver though this up tempo feel good song declaring that GOD “Looked beyond my faults, saw my needs, picked me up, he’s a friend indeed”. On other songs like “Something About A Miracle” Lewis adds her personal touch and raw emotion to inspire us all to believe in the possibilities of miracles. At the beginning of this song there’s a beautiful combination of strings, piano, and guitar. The background singers come in gently singing “Something About, Something About A Miracle” while Lewis accents their chants. When Lewis starts singing it’s easy to tell there’s a personal attachment to this song. She sings with conviction but there’s still a smooth calmness to her voice that puts you at ease. Lewis displays various vocal ranges, abilities, and emotions on this selection. By the end of this song, even I now believe in Miracles. In this musical landscape of gimmicks, fly by night gospel acts, and inspirational music, Tanya Dallas Lewis is the real deal and is here to stay. So if you’re looking for well produced, powerful, gimmick free, gospel music with a real message and purpose this CD is for you.
To include but not limited to: James Austin/Executive Producer and Songwriter "Something About A Miracle" "When He Calls Your Name" PJ Morgan/Producer and Musician "When He Calls Your Name" "Dance With You" Isaiah D. Thomas/Songwriter and Producer and Musician "Faults" "Hold On" "Something About A Miracle" Chris Leach/Producer and Musician "Something About A Miracle" Maharold Peoples, Jr./Songwriter and Musician "Intimate With You" Tanya Dallas-Lewis/Co-Executive Producer, Songwriter, Arranger "Dance With You" "When He Calls Your Name" "The Greatest" Salah Jalajel/Songwrter and Composer "The Greatest" Marvin Burton, Jr./Songwriter and Musician and Composer "Dance With You" "Peace" Mo' Horns/Horns "When He Calls Your Name"
For fans of:Yolanda Adams, Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, Mandisa, Mary, Mary
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