Terrill Mast

Portraits EP

Portraits EP by Terrill Mast
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For fans of:Ratatat, UNKLE, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Air
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  1. Portraits Of
  2. Nagi
  3. Arisa
  4. Saki
  5. A2D

Written and recorded in the spring of 2014, Portraits is dedicated to three beautiful women hailing from the far off land of Japan. Each portrait is a multimedia piece consisting of music and an abstract visual representation of the energy and personality of each person.

In each portrait the positive space represents self-aware consciousness, everything we know and consider ourselves to be, and it is limited to a specific shape, a circle, to illustrate the basic human illusion of separation. As members of the infinite universe, as pieces of God, we are connected to each other by the invisible energies that flow between us, represented by the negative space. This seemingly empty space takes on its own unique form within our self-aware shapes. Both the positive and the negative space exist in harmony.

A2D is the outlier of this short collection. It is an abstract depiction of a cross-country journey I took with a friend and fellow collaborator, Austin Thomasson, shortly after finishing the three portraits. Through many states and cities we visited friends old and new, having adventures and creating stories together.


Featured artists: Brandon Studer (guitar) and Mike Walker (A2D vocals)

Mastered by Justin Sunday

Cover design created in collaboration with Zachary Klaus and featuring Nagi Nakayama

For fans of:Ratatat, UNKLE, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Air
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