Tha J.I.M

For fans of:Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Lecrae, John Givez, Big K.R.I.T

A young man named Cliff Reeves who goes by the name of Tha J.I.M is from Flowood, MS. J.I.M was raised in Flowood and only moved two or three times to find a place where he can settle. Music was born with him and he started very young. There were many things he could which was playing an instrument, sing, songwrite, etc. Many gifts from God as this man grew up to be something GREAT. He started recording songs in his room closet when the world started making sense to him and published two mixtapes back to back within 2013 fall and 2014 spring. J.I.M wants to be considered more inspirational and inspiring rather than being labeled as one genre which is Christian Hiphop.