The Very Best

Daytrotter Session - Oct 5, 2012

Oct 5, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by The Very Best
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. We OK
  3. Kondaine
  4. Kondaine (Acoustic)
There was a feeling throughout this entire day in Dixon, Illinois, that when the Mumford & Sons set was complete, there was still a bunch of partying that was going to happen. Most of this anticipation was due to the presence of The Very Best on the grounds.

The boys were stage right, in the curtains - along with Reggie Watts, for every other set of the day, enjoying everyone else's performance and no HAIM member could stop talking about how excited for what The Very Best was going to do later on. The group oozes a joyful spirit that's absolutely contagious. They bubble and they smile. Their songs are filled with positivity, a feeling you'd like to catch fire on a long day of music that keeps upping the ante, with one spirited performance after another.

The three songs that the group from London and Malawi performed here, in the Dixon High School auditorium, were no different, delivering the good vibrations. They sing a song about the American equivalent of a roofie, but they make it sound romantic, as a means of keeping your love happy and around the house. Seye sings, "You're walking on water/You're walking on air," and that drugged out haze is supposed to be the same thing as relationship's blissfulness.

Elsewhere, the roll call of cities, where they're feeling good and doing well, includes a shout out to the birthplace a Ronald Reagan, "In Dixon, we okay!" They ask for the people who aren't dancing, who aren't having a good time to be pointed out. We're not sure what's going to become of them, but we're sure that they're going to feel bad later.