The Art We Breathe

For fans of:George Winston, Philip Glass, David Nevue

The Art We Breathe is the musical venture of Florida-based multi-instrumentalist and composer, Kevin Cloutier. Born in Warsaw, Indiana, Kevin showed a propensity for music at a young age. He took piano lessons throughout elementary school, but it was after he stopped taking lessons that his love for piano and composition really took off. Throughout his high school and college years, Kevin honed his craft by performing and recording music every chance he got.

As a father of two young children, Kevin's latest work has centered around creating solo piano lullaby albums for his little ones. Calming, meditative, and yet musically intricate, Kevin's latest album, "Lullaby III - Watercolor" highlights his ability to craft songs that tell stories and evoke emotion without using words. Using a balance of careful composition and artful improvisation, Kevin's distinct style is calculated, cinematic and ethereal.