The Water

June Gloom

June Gloom by The Water
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Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:Leonard Cohen, Little Wings, Mount Eerie, Josh Garrels, Evan Thomas Way
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  1. Yeshua
  2. Your Love
  3. Baby Blue
  4. The Influence Pt. 2
  5. June Gloom
  6. The Coast
  7. Ocean Excerpt
  8. Red Tide
  9. A Campfire Song
  10. Warm Waters
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"June Gloom" is the 8th full length album by David Evans under the name of The Water. This is The Water's most Hi-Fi record to-date and is meant to juxtapose 2012's "Morning Grass", having similar song-writing strategies and themes but a completely opposite approach in recording (single live takes on a portable tape recorder vs. actual home studio atmosphere). 

"June Gloom" is kind of a concept album. As a body of work, it tells the story of someone who finds that the idea of "home" is not a real place that actually exists. Upon the realization of this and coming to know the Messiah (Jesus Christ a.k.a. Yeshua Ha'Mashiach), through the Spirit (Ruach or breath) of God, He speaks back to the main character who then is able to re-iterate the things spoken to him by God for the world to hear. "You are free in my Son. Human beings, I plead and plead for you to see the good in me. No matter what you've done, with works or with tongue... Yeshua." -Track 1, "Yeshua" This character is then fully willing to worship the living God with their mind, heart and spirit until they get side-tracked by a love of romanticism and the ocean. A demonic spirit is then able to creep in and "Influence" him ("Another one is calling out to you in words of deception..."). This evil spirit draws him further away from God to "a coastline in my mind, with old faiths left behind" and even draws him away from "Baby Blue". Back in his earthly "home", thinking he will be now satisfied, he begins to re-discover and worship the sea until confessing aloud "I belong to Thee, but my heart it screams...", illuminating the fact that he does, in fact, belong to God but he desires more from the earth and isn't ready to fully give his life to him. He then writes a campfire song of longing for the sea, for "Follow(ing) That Sound" and for "Baby Blue", nostalgia fully sets in from his youth. The story is then left a little open-ended and light-hearted as he ponders more on his earthly hometown and upbringing. This is a story about how easy it is to fall away from following the true living God and a reminder that we must focus on Him daily and to avoid the pursuit of earthly things that won't matter in the end. If you have any questions regarding anything having to do with this album or Jesus (Yeshua), please feel free to call me any time at (530) 414-8565. Thanks for listening. Love you.

released September 16, 2019 


All Songs Written by David Evans. All Instruments and Vocals by David Evans. Female Vocals sung by Dietra Evans. Recorded and Mixed by David Evans at the Tape Factory in Portland, OR and Reno, NV from 2014-2019. Mastered by Bijan Sharifi. (

Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:Leonard Cohen, Little Wings, Mount Eerie, Josh Garrels, Evan Thomas Way
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