The Auricle Collective

The Auricle Collective - Volume 3

The Auricle Collective - Volume 3 by The Auricle Collective
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For fans of:George Harrison, Deva Premal, Michael Franti, Krishna Das, Dave Stringer
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  1. Shell - Joel Veena
  2. Open Ticket Ride - Jamil Apostol
  3. I Am - MJ Ganesh
  4. Awake (Lumen de Lumine) - Karen Seva
  5. White Swan - Kamini (Omneity)
  6. Earth Turning
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Volume 3 of the Auricle Collection includes:

JOEL VEENA (Shell) - This is the story of a love affair with the sounds of India that affected Joel Veena who was on a Delhi study trip for college in 2007. Deeply moved by the beauty of the instrument and the ragas, Joel felt compelled to search out and learn the Indian slide guitar within moments of listening. Indian slide guitarist Dr. Ranjan Kumar agreed to teach Joel the techniques of the instrument as well as the form and substance of Indian classical music. The rest as they say is history and now the student has truely become the master, having performed this year at the request of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations an honour rarely bestowed upon western artists. We are excited to present a track from Joel's 2017 album Unexpected Blessings entitled Shell, a beautiful Indian Fusion track featuring Joel on the slide guitar. To find out more about Joel Veena visit

JAMIL APOSTOL (Open Ticket Ride) - The mysteries of life and music intersected on a dusty Nevada road when Jamil Apostol began to play strings some eight years ago. Now, the Tennessee-born, but Reno-raised artist is writing and creating to capture timelessness in our ever-changing existence. Apostol is a fresh, new voice dawning in an age of quarrel and hypocrisy. His drive as a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist comes from a passion he has for learning and connecting with others through creativity. His modern storytelling groove with a traditional Americana folk sound invites listeners from all walks of life to tune in and sing-along; from intimate campfires to large festivals, vibrant nightclubs and the humblest of front porches. The full album "Off The Beaten Path" is available now on iTunes and Spotify. To find out more, visit

MJ GANESH (I Am) - After attending a 4 day yoga and music festival in California (bhakti fest) in 2012, Marc-Joseph Chalfoun returned to his hometown of Montreal, Canada on a high like he's never experienced before. He had been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 5 years but now he was inspired to incorporate more mantra music (kirtan) in his practice and to even record an album himself. He was a guitarist influenced from his youth by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and Pink Floyd. Now he wanted to combine his new love of mantras with the sound he grew up with. He adopted the name MJ Ganesh and envisioned the title of his album to be called 'Birth of Ganesh' as a way to launch his new music career. He started recording late in 2013 and continued until March 5, 2015 when he laid the last vocal track to I Am*. Please visit his website for more info.

KAREN SEVA (Awake - Lumen de Lumine) - Karen Seva MDiv. MSW CPC is a best-selling author, healer, teacher, life coach, musician, activist and mom. Karen began singing before she could speak and became deeply connected with devotional practices and a profound love of the Divine from a young age - which lead her to meditation, psychology, mantra, shamanism, Naam Yoga, energy healing, sound healing, ancient wisdom practices and deep love of the earth & of the Divine Mother. Seva means Divine Service - and this has been Karen's life path. She has combined these disciplines to form a unique approach to working with individuals, families and groups to assist them in finding their voice, accessing their highest potential and doing the greatest good for the world. Karen is also the founder of “Sing the World Awake!” – a motivational music and movement program for children and families. To learn more...

KAMINI - OMNEITY (White Swan) - Omniety is described as being in a state of oneness, all being, bliss. A very apt name for this album of Sanskrit chants combined with ethereal ambient music - the latest album from Kamini Natarajan, yogini and world music singer from Los Angeles. Kamini is an artist that is leading the way in the new Indian Fusion scene that is receiving enormous growth and interest within the Western World. Since moving to LA in 2002, Kamini collaborated with various music producers and composers of different genres and recorded and performed live. Her song "Devi," a World Music composition is featured along with Anoushka Shankar and Talvin Singh on the “Tantra Lounge” album. We excited to share "White Swan" from her new album, Chants for Meditation. More information about Kamini, Omneity and her music can be found at

KATE B (Earth Turning) - Kate B has always believed that music is a form of magic that weaves its way into the hearts of listeners, creating a space of unity, bringing everyone together in one voice and mind. With a background in community choirs and festival stages, Kate B’s vision has always been healing through song. The song can uplift the heaviest heart, connecting the singer, the listener, the musician and the audience as one beating rhythm, physically, energetically and spiritually. More information about Kate B can be found at

For fans of:George Harrison, Deva Premal, Michael Franti, Krishna Das, Dave Stringer
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