The Holstered

For fans of:The Stooges, The Strokes, Velvet Underground, Kings Of Leon, The Black Keys

When The Holstered step into the rock pantheon, they seem out place. However, bucking the trends is exactly the spirit of rock and roll, which is their #1 goal. The Holstered are three guys from Miami, FL. who bring out the best of the past and present. With an attention to a lo-fi production, new wave glory, and punchy rock soul, the band has produced an iconic sound that is hard to fit into just one genre. The band has found themselves going back in time, and grabbing what made bands like The Cars, Generation X, The Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick, and The Clash great, and placed them into a blender. The band creates a sound that is not overly produced, doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, which is refreshing in a rock landscape that focuses on image more than sound. With The Holstered, you get no pretense, just pure rock and roll glory.