The Ignorist

There Is No Vacancy

There Is No Vacancy by The Ignorist
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For fans of:Archers of Loaf, Built to Spill, Dinosaur, Jr, Sebadoh
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  1. Reserved Sunshine
  2. I Know They Are Blue
  3. Not Sold In Stores
  4. Titanium White
  5. No You Don't Try
  6. It's Brighter Over Here
  7. Vertical Hold
  8. Hotel OK
  9. Cloud Cover

We Are The Ignorist; and you can't really ignore us.

The Ignorist (pronounced ignore- ist) features the two former guitarists of Murfreesboro tune-benders Daphne's Operation; Mickey Ethridge & Jason Manley (Also the other former singer/guitarist of the early Glossary line-up). Bassist extraordinare Brian Pitts (Fluid Oz. / Minor Keys /American Watermelon) and the rock-steady Greg Williams on drums (formerly of Michigan band 17 Wheels). After a five-year hiatus from any concerted effort at finishing any songs; the songs on their record There Is No Vacancy came together over while traversing the gauntlet of a two-year long divorce in dive bars, air-condition challenged attics, and community property contested cars. In the tumultuous wake of this period Greg and Brian joined the band. In 2012, Ethridge's former band Daphne's Operation (Ethridge, Manley, Bingham Barnes, Thomas Hudson) were asked to play the 1st Annual 8 off 8th Reunion Edition show. The show was so enjoyable that Manley agreed to join the trio and round out the sound with his melodic and inventive guitar lines. Since, then the band has played several shows around town including The Exit/In, Melrose Billiards, Springwater, Bongo Java Afer Hours Theatre, The End, and The East Room. The latter two shows were to celebrate their album release. Both shows with support by David Palmer & This Modern Station who just so happened to be one of the first people to release a 7" from their former band back in the Murfreesboro days. The latter show also with several former Murfreesboro Halcyon days-era music scene mates- Seth Timbs (Fluid Oz.) with Brian Carter on guitar(who recorded the last and arguably greatest Daphne's Operation album) and Matt Mahaffey(Self, Beck) on drums.

There Is No Vacancy was recorded and mixed at Joey Kneiser of Glossary's (whom coincidentally played piano on "Cloud Cover") studio White Buffalo in four days. The songs on the album were written while traversing the gauntlet of a two-year long divorce in dive bars, air-condition challenged attics, and community property contested cars.

Press: "On their album There Is No Vacancy they bring classic guitar leads and vocal melodies you can sing along to as well as much more into a certified rock record you are not going to want to pass by. The songs on There Is No Vacancy will have some nostalgic sentimentality if you are a thirty something who tried to play guitar like J Mascis and sing like Stephen Malkmus. I have little doubt about the band’s influences but The ignorist also establishes their own sound on There Is No Vacancy. The band immediately showcases that this is a guitar record with the first track (“Reserved Sunshine”). Multiple guitars parts intersect with the perfect amount of ‘90s crunch as the drums hit hard and the vocalist sings, “It’s barely alive / That’s hardly a lie / I’m reserving my sunshine / For some other yard.” “Not Sold In Stores” is a six-minute highlight that utilizes a good sense of guitar feedback while “Vertical Hold” throws pretension out the window and decides to rock out and have fun instead. “Hotel O.K.” is a ten-minute epic that features multiple guitars solos and parts that were some of the most noteworthy of the album. The song is a dynamic rollercoaster ride that combines moments of pure guitar mayhem as well as mellow, tranquil moments that are the calm after the storm. I can honestly say that out of all the songs on the album there weren’t any I felt like skipping. This is great guitar from beginning to end so do yourself a favor and press play. " Ted Rogen - The Equal Ground

"The Ignorist came to me at a time when I've been going aggro on weights at the gym with Archers of Loaf's "Vee Vee" as a soundtrack. So my ears were primed for an instant affinity with their slacker vibe and every-which-way skew of their guitars. The vocals never reach Bachmann-levels of agitation, but instead retain a slightly detached composure throughout their debut release, "There is No Vacancy." Below is "I Know They're Blue," which should offer some consolation to anyone who misses 1994 (also, if you have ten minutes to invest, also check out "Hotel Ok," to hear how the track eventually dissolves around one guitar lick feeding on its own dejection.) " By Terra James-Jura - The Deli Magazine

“Some bands are built for the arena, some bands are built for the clubs — and some bands are built to play in the back room at the local billiards hall, tucked in between the ping-pong tables and the shuffleboard. There’s something about having to cut through cigarette smoke with a chainsaw in a subterranean venue that makes for a good rock show — and the back room at Melrose Billiards is the perfect setting for The Ignorist. Featuring Mickey Ethridge and Jason Manley — who were in Daphne’s Operation, the seminal but sorta-forgotten Murfreesboro band that would yield to Glossary — The Ignorist plays angular art-rock that harks back to the days of lo-fi tape-trading and post-post-punk slackerdom with a slight country accent, recalling the early days of Silver Jews and Scud Mountain Boys and the halcyon days of Shrimper Records.” Sean L. Maloney - Nashville Scene


Mickey Ethridge - electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, vocals

Jason Manley - electric guitars, vocals

Brian Pitts - electric & upright bass, vocals

Greg Williams - drums

For fans of:Archers of Loaf, Built to Spill, Dinosaur, Jr, Sebadoh
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