The Litanist

For fans of:Gungor, The Brilliance, Coldplay, John Mark McMillan

Once a quarter at First Baptist Belton on a Sunday night, our church gathers together for a unique worship service entitled Liturgy Night. “Liturgy” simply meaning “the work of the people,” these services center around the Gospel through a new theme each time while focusing on Scripture, prayer and meditation, and communion. The arts are the forefront of expression in worship using creative and ancient practices.

Each Liturgy Night in lieu of the theme there is an original song created, paintings, graphic design, poetry, and meditations. Through NoiseTrade I wish to share some of these things of open use, either for personal worship or to be used in corporate settings if the Spirit so guides you.

To God, the true Light of the world, be all the glory and honor.

-Matt Oberhelman, Assoc. Pastor for Worship FBC Belton