The March Divide

For fans of:The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab For Cutie, Band of Horses, Pete Yorn

San Antonio-based songwriter Jared Putnam has reached a career milestone in a mere five years that most artists never achieve. Culled from three LP and five EP releases (amidst his fun run of 80’s-era cover songs earlier this year), Putnam’s project The March Divide will release a singles compilation on Oct. 27th. Five Years of The March Divide: The Singles 2013-2017 is available to Noisetrade subscribers now!

While Putnam’s obviously a tireless songwriting machine, he is also an unlikely torch bearer of a sound that was pioneered by bands like The Promise Ring in the mid-1990s, and eventually exploded with artists such as Jimmy Eat World later in the decade. As many artists of this era make comebacks, or get discovered by young people for the first time, Putnam has been steadily building a loyal audience since breaking up The Conversation, his own band of that time.

Over the last few years, the press has discovered Putnam’s “completely clever” (Performer) songs “all about lyrics and melodies” (Babysue) that are “impressively hooky” (American Songwriter), filled with “bittersweet beauty” (Impose), “catchy hooks” (Innocent Words), and voiced by a man “gifted with a serious set of pipes” (The Aquarian). Atwood Magazine recently said, “Eloquently simple and concise, Putnam’s lyrics are immediately relatable. His experience and memory transfer directly from the song to the listener.”

Putnam is currently working on a fourth full-length The March Divide album for 2018 release.