The Phlegmatics

For fans of:The Cars, The Descendents, Cheap Trick, The Police, Weezer
Formed in 2003, The Phlegmatics reunited former bandmates Jonathan Marshall and Jonas Velasco (Atomic Opera, Greytown respectively) in what was originally an attempt to create a musical vehicle for Jonathan’s younger brother Ethan. What started out with a few get togethers playing covers of songs from The Cars to The Descendents to acclimate budding Ethan Marshall quickly morphed into full throttle writing which rapidly produced plenty of material for live shows and their cardinal album Alumnus in 2005. With the release of their first recording, The Phlegmatics were widely regarded as one of the best groups of its type from the Houston area. The band was nominated in both 2005 and 2006 for a Houston Press Music Award, and The Houston Chronicle declared them “Houston’s Ultimate Geek Band” in their 2005 Ultimate Houston section. In 2007, Jonathan and Ethan’s father, Dave Marshall, a veteran lead guitarist who, with Kemper Crabb, has fronted bands such as ArkAngel and Radio Halo, joined while Ethan moved to the drums. The band then recorded and released their sophomore effort, Billy the Starfighter Pilot vs. The Phlegmatics in 2009. The following year (2010) saw The Phlegms re-visit Greytown material initially produced from the mid-90s to the early parts of 2000. After spending the better part of both 2010 and 2011 producing,re-imagining, recording and releasing "On Mortgage Knees & Bankrupt Bones" (, parts of 2011 and 2012 kept the guys writing and doing pre-production of their 3rd installment "Life is Better with a Soundtrack". The Phlegms quickly dispatched 10 songs of raucous material in the span of 7 days for their tertiary offering. Having quietly kept the material from curious ears, the guys anxiously seek to personally deliver this new collection of musical din to an unsuspecting audience.