Bob Pressner

For fans of:Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, John Mayer
“I Just Keep Fighting the good fight”! That has become his mantra, the call to action for singer/songwriter, Bob Pressner. And no one has fought harder chasing his once elusive dream than Pressner. Which is why his long overdue and well deserved success is now becoming a reality. A friend in Los Angeles had given Bob’s latest CD to writer/producer Jim McGorman. McGorman, who has written and produced albums with artists like, Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne loved what he heard and asked Bob to “Come to LA and let’s see if we can work together”. Their collaboration was magical. Bob and Jim struck a chord, writing song, after great song. McGorman put together a new, highly energized group of musicians from bands like the Goo Goo Dolls and they went into the studio to record. The result, an amazing, soon to be released CD entitled, “King of Nothing”. Says McGorman, “Bob Pressner’s music resounds with the heart and soul of a life well lived.”