Yeah by The Skyline Social
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For fans of:Blink 182, Relient K, MXPX, Weezer, Old Green Day
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  1. Disco Grove Dance Party.mp3
  2. Beautiful Girl.mp3
  3. Steve The Girl Cat.mp3
  4. Black Or Pinto Beans.mp3
  5. Hipster Music (Soapy Ice Part 2).mp3
  6. You Belong With Me.mp3
Tip the Artist $3 Suggested Tip

This is a pop punk record inspired by made up events.


•Jonathan Class and Alex Dobbert: for producing, engineering, mixing, mastering, and in general making this record better than ever thought possible at The Varsity Recording Co. Everybody would hate this record if you guys didn't exist. Go make records with them.

•Thom Daugherty: for moving his fingers fast on the "You Belong With Me" guitar solo.

•Evan Ferrell, Evan Maxwell, Mark Hofstrom, and Jonathan Class for some downtown gang vocals.

•Taylor Swift: for inspiring "Beautiful Girl" and "You Belong With Me."

•Mark Hofstrom: for harmonies on "Soapy Ice pt. 2."

•Noah Gilliom and Marshall Stutzman: for being part of the original Skyline Social and being two of the best friends a dude could ask for.

•Rob Krosley: for playing every Relient K song with me, a lot.

•Noah Gilliom, CJ Lukas, and Jonathan Class: for being willing to play this rubbish with me on the stage and being the most fun band I'll ever play with.

•Caleb Schoberg, Ian Illig, Caleb Scott, and Luke McDaniel: for shooting the breeze with us onstage at different times.

•Rachel Scarpelli and Connor Whiteside for helping with the ice (that has soap in it).

•Logan Hendrickson: for co-writing "Beautiful Girl" so dang long ago.

•Melissa Loudermilk: for making the coolest artwork on the planet globes.

•You: because if you're reading this, that means you might #vaguely care about this band which is awesome and hilarious and I love you.

•God: because I think he's super rad.

r•Everybody: else because I wrote this at 3:24am and I am definitely forgetting many more people.

For fans of:Blink 182, Relient K, MXPX, Weezer, Old Green Day
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